Saturday, July 16, 2011

Don't lose your head ...

This head is not the frozen head of baseball player Ted Williams, the last major league player to hit .400 for a season.

This frozen head is one LIKE that of Williams, who had his dome lopped off postmortem by a cryogenics company where his entire body had been frozen. According to a "family will" written on a napkin, Williams had hoped that technology would be advanced enough to the point where one day, he could be revived.

Just like Napolean Dynamite's brother Kip, "The Splendid Splinter" loved technology. However, unless Williams hooks up with Ichabod Crane in the afterlife, it's highly unlikely that both his headless body and his body-less head will be brought back to life.

The wish to live forever - as well as keeping one's head - has been a wish for many over the years. One person who said he isn't concerned about his legacy is this guy:

Remember this fresh-faced, fastball hurling guy x-number of uniforms ago? If you don't, his name is Roger Clemens, who two World Series titles with the New York Yankees and collected a record seven (7) Cy Young Awards, more than 300 wins and 4,000 strikeouts.

Oh, and don't forget that Clemens was an EPIC bat-tosser (FF to 2:30)!

So a guy with stats like that would seem like a 1st ballot Hall-of-Famer, right? Not so fast, faithful readers.

It seems that "The Rocket" used a special mix of fuel (Allegedly) ... But, like the cover of this Sports Illustrated magazine from so long ago, Clemens has shown to also be "Untouchable" in the court room.

No matter if Clemens is not re-tried on federal perjury charges, the bigger question to be answered will be in 2013 when his name comes up on Hall of Fame ballots. Will he be voted in or not?