Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vacation? I swear we're working ...

This well-muscled guy is President Barack Obama - whom critics say "seems to always be on vacation."

The Prez - who recently announced he was running for reelection - was knocked for playing golf when the recent tragic events in Japan initially unfolded.

At least he wasn't complaining about fellow students making cell phones calls from the library to check on family members.

But how true are the claims that Obama does nothing but spend time frolicking at the beach?

According to, just like the myth that Greedo Shot First, claims of Obama being a vacation-isto are greatly exaggerated.

In his first year in office, Obama spent all or part of 26 days on Vay-Kay.  In comparison, President Reagan spent all or part of 42 days on vacation in his first year. Before telling the nation to "Read My Lips," George H.W. Bush spent all or part of 40 days on vacation in his first year; while George (Dubya) Bush spent all or part of 77 days on vacation in 2001.

Jimmy Carter spent 19 days and Bill Clinton took 21 vacation days.

But the Best Vacation Award goes to the lawyers for the man pictured below:

Yes, that's the same guy. And he - Barry Bonds - isn't on trial for gaining 30 pounds of muscle and 1-2 helmet sizes via "unnatural" methods (allegedly).

He's on trial for allegedly lying to a federal grand jury about  whether of not he used ... "unnatural" methods (allegedly).

However, the lawyers for Bonds rested their case today without calling a single witness.

One could say that the defense thinks the prosecution has done such a great job of mucking up its case that no defense is needed.

Or .. since it is Spring Break, maybe Bonds' lawyers are trying to join Jack Box in Cancun?

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